Retirement: Dr. Timothy Quill

This note showed up in today’s chapel bulletin:

“Farewell and Godspeed to Professor Timothy Quill on the Occasion of His Retirement.”

Dr. Grime led the Farewell and Godspeed to Dr. Quill during chapel.

Dr. Quill has been with us for 20 years, having joined the faculty in 1998. This is his last quarter of teaching, as he will officially complete his service with us on June 30th. Following chapel, CTSFW held a reception for him in the Student Commons, where he spoke of his years of extensive travel, following the jet streams across the seas. He has served as dean of International Studies since 2002, and he oversaw the recruitment of about 40 students from Russia through the Russian Project at CTSFW (Dr. Gieschen in particular mentioned this as he was speaking of Dr. Quill at the reception; it was quite the thing, he said, teaching Greek to a roomful of Russian students who didn’t know English).

Dr. Quill shows off the world’s ugliest tie (his words), gifted to him from fellow CTSFW faculty, as Dr. Gieschen looks on.

Though retiring from the Seminary, Dr. Quill will continue to serve as a visitation pastor in the area. “Being at the bedside of someone whose jet stream is leading them to heaven…” he said, explaining his new ministerial focus, “Now that’s really something.”

Students, faculty, and staff all signed this book (the front cover says, “We thank God because of your partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”), with their own thank yous and words of encouragement. These are only two pages out of many.