Concordia Seminary History

Concordia Theological Seminary

This great article from the Sangamon County Historical Society tackles a subject dear to our hearts: the Concordia Seminary campus when it was in Springfield, Illinois. There’s a photo of the dedication of Luther’s statue (one of the largest items that moved with us to Fort Wayne), and a rather entertaining rundown on the strictly frugal Rev. Friedrich August Craemer, president of the Seminary when it moved to Springfield in the 1870s.

(Plus the bonus line: “Students were finally allowed to have automobiles on campus in 1941, but even then only under the condition that they ‘were not to be used to cart girls around.’”)

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  1. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the kind words.

    Mike Kienzler
    Online encyclopedia of the Sangamon County Historical Society

    1. Such a great article! There’s a lot of fun stories about Uncle Craemer (as he was known). His wife had a much softer reputation. I believe the students called her “Mother Craemer,” if I’m remembering my notes correctly.

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