Lent Devotion

I’ll think upon Thy mercy without ceasing,
That earth’s vain joys to me no more be pleasing;
To do Thy will shall be my sole endeavor
Henceforth forever.
LSB 439 st. 12

“Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God!
Let your good Spirit lead me
on level ground!”
Psalm 143:10

After four weeks of Lent, it can seem as if Easter is still an eternity away, especially for those who are fasting. Likewise, our lives can feel the same way. Through trial and tribulation we find ourselves praying, “Come, Lord Jesus!” Exhausted, Christians are torn between the desires of the flesh and the godly desires given to them by the Holy Spirit. This conflict can appear to be an uphill battle, a never-ending turmoil, and hopelessly futile.

Yet looking ahead to Easter we know this is not so! Christ has won the battle with His suffering, death, and resurrection. While we feel the effects of sin in our lives and struggle to discipline ourselves during Lent, God still gives us relief. We feast on His body and blood during this fasting period. We see our sin through the mirror of the Law, yet are still continually comforted with the Gospel. We look to the resurrection while still anticipating Good Friday. Through all of life’s suffering and the consequences of our sin, we can still find joy in God’s mercy and dwell on it without ceasing. As baptized Christians, we now find joy in His law and seek after it. We look to God who leads us on level ground, His never-changing Word.

Let us pray: Lord God, heavenly Father, forgive all that we have done in sin this day. Draw us back to Your Word and give to us Your Spirit, that we may find joy in Your will and look to You until the end of our lives, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

(Claire Houser, Deaconess Student)