2019 Candidate Call Service

Today our prayers are with our candidates, who will find out in three hours (or closer to four, as calls will be announced after the sermon in the 7 p.m. service) where they will serve their first calls as laborers to the harvest. Christ be with these men and their families as their futures begin to take on any even clearer shape, and God’s blessings to the congregations who will in turn begin earnestly preparing to receive them. Thanks be to the Lord of the harvest for all the gifts He so richly pours down on us!

The service will be livestreamed on the CTSFW Facebook page and at www.ctsfw.edu/daily-chapel, though you can also watch (and find the service bulletin) at callday.ctsfw.edu. Once the calls are announced, go to this website to see who’s coming to your district, to find printable lists of all vicars, internships, and calls, and to check out our interactive map showing where these men and women are headed.

As a fun aside: every year, the students who are about to receive either a vicarage or deaconess internship assignment or who will be receiving their call compete in a dart challenge. Those receiving assignments throw one day, and those awaiting their calls throw on another–these pictures happen to be from the candidates’ competition.

The rules are simple: whoever throws a dart and hits the town that ends up being closest to their actual call or assignment wins. Mostly, it’s a great chance for these guys (and gals) to make fun of each other’s dart-throwing skills (or lack thereof) and to trade rumors over where they’re headed. According to the pockmarked map, we have a couple of seminarians apparently destined for the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico–and a few right in the middle of the Great Lakes.

To the left, a pack of call candidates look on, ready to pass down amused judgment, as classmate Matthew Schettler winds up for the throw.
Fourth-year seminarian Paul Gaschler, regretting his shot.
The aftermath.