The Harvest Field

A CTSFW alumnus (Rev. Jacob Hercamp, 2017), wrote the following article on the “What Does This Mean?” blog that is run by one of our CTSFW librarians, Rev. Bob Smith. It’s a timely article on the harvest field and those laborers called to it; from the post:

“Likewise the seminaries of Ft. Wayne and St. Louis have been cultivating not the ground but men to serve as pastors. They have worked hard to send these men into the the Lord’s fields to plant the seed of our Lord’s Gospel. Soon they will be planted in their first calls working in the Lord’s fields of their respective congregations. What a joyful time!”

You can

Call services at CTSFW concluded last night (though you can still watch at and CSL’s Assignment of Vicarages and Internships Service will begin in an hour (3 p.m. CDT/4 p.m. EDT) and their Assignment of Calls Service will follow at 7 p.m. CDT/8 p.m. EDT. You can watch both at their own Call Day website at

And finally, as a point of interest to those who saw the post about the dart-toss, here’s the conclusion:

Mark Matheny won the vicarage/deaconess intern toss with 128 miles between Bellefontaine, Ohio (toss) to Belleville, Michigan (actual vicarage). Ian Kinney placed last with 4,240 miles between Honolulu, Hawaii (toss) and Basehor, Kansas (actual vicarage).

Matthias Wollberg won the candidate dart toss with 75 miles between Riceville, Iowa (call) and Wabasha, Minnesota (dart toss). Michael Terkula placed last with 3,995 miles between Huntertown, Indiana and Hanalai, Hawaii.