Resources: Chapel Sermons

For those of you missing our chapel services while we’re off for the rest of the summer, we have several resources for watching at least the chapel sermons. One of our librarians has recently been uploading many older sermons, which you can find by going to and looking under “Newest Titles.” You’ll notice a number of them going back to 1999.

Another option is to go to, our newer media resource cite. Here’s a great place to search through our sermons. You can search for specific preachers, faculty members, or even sermons on specific readings if you’re looking for more on a specific Scripture passage. You can jump to our full archive of chapel sermons at, or you can check out the options we have by looking at the top navigation bar on the video site.

One more resource we’re highlighting today is the Media Server Scripture index. This is a resource mediated by our Library, created to walk you through how to find items on a Bible passage (including more than just sermons–opening up all of our resources to the search). This guide will walk you through how to use the index: