Lent Devotion for February 27

Reading: 1 Peter 1:10–12

Have you ever noticed that many Bibles have a dedication page sewn or glued into them? Many will say something along the lines of: “Presented to ______ by ______ on the occasion of ______.” Others might say, “This Bible belongs to ______.” I have a Bible with a dedication that reads “The story of the salvation of ______.”

Of course, our names are not in the Bible; it’s not a story about us. Jesus is the focus of Scripture. But it is a story FOR us, and this is what Peter tells us in these verses today. All throughout the history of God’s people, His prophets, inspired by the Holy Spirit, proclaimed the good news of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection for the salvation of the world, so that you and I would know that Christ’s salvation is for us and that we would trust in Him. The prophets did not necessarily understand what they were proclaiming—even the angels did not understand it—but it was for us. It is the story of how God brought about the salvation of the world for us sinners, and that is Good News indeed.

Lord God, heavenly Father, help us to always remember that Your word is for us and to trust that the faith once delivered to the saints has been spoken for us, also, that we might know from the whole counsel of Scripture that we have been given salvation from our sins in Christ; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

What the fathers most desired,
What the prophet’s heart inspired,
What they longed for many a year,
Stands fulfilled in glory here. (LSB 352:2)

Nils Niemeier (Sem IV, CSL)