Theological Resources: Lent

Spring 2020 Issue—Volume 24, No. 1

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Daily Lent Devotions
Devotions for Lent, written by current seminarians from both CTSFW and CSL, are currently being uploaded to at 6 a.m. (Eastern Time), beginning with Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.If you would like a pdf copy of these devotions collected into a single document, email [email protected] to request a copy.
Lent Sermon Series

This year’s 2020 Lent Preaching Workshop focused on the topic of “Christ’s Work of Creation and Re-Creation,” exploring some of the parallels between the days of creation and the events of Holy Week, with a view to Christocentric, Gospel-directed Lenten and Holy Week preaching from Ash Wednesday through Resurrection Sunday.

Dr. Don Wiley, who led this workshop on January 20, is willing to share his handouts. Please note, they do not include the theological foundation for his presentation during the first session. Devotional sermons are included at the end for each of the days.

If you would like a copy for your use, email [email protected] to request one.

Lent Lectionary Podcasts

There are lectionary podcasts available at Search for “Lent Series A” to find the podcasts specific to the season.

Additional Reading

Concordia Theological Quarterly

Book Reviews

Over 10,000 sermons, articles, teaching videos, and other resources are also available at You can search by specific subjects, Scripture passages, or author (faculty, ordained ministers, Church forefathers, etc.).

For Worship Planners

Verses for Lent

While our “Alleluias” are put away for Lent, there are still options to sing the proper verse for the day. These verses are set for a unison choir or soloist and quickly learned. While they are all similar to one another (giving the feel of a series), they each uniquely reflect the text.

Verse for Lent 1 (Series A)
Verse for Lent 2 (Series A)
Verse for Lent 3 (Series A)
Verse for Lent 4 (Series A)
Verse for Lent 5 (Series A)

Gradual for Lent

Lent Hymn Settings

LSB 425 – When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Stanza 3 for two-part voices)
LSB 440 – Jesus, I Will Ponder Now (Stanza 3 for unison choir or soloist and keyboard)

Holy Week

Our chapel staff has also prepared new resources for use during Holy Week, including a script and suggested hymn stanzas for the St. Matthew Passion account (to be used on Passion/Palm Sunday), and a musical setting of Psalm 22 (for use during the Stripping of the Altar on Maundy Thursday). This setting utilizes both organ and piano.


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