Lent Devotion for April 10

Reading: 1 John 5:1–5

“He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” “She was born into rough conditions.” We all recognize that what we’re born out of affects who we are. John shows us this repeatedly. The man who is born blind thus has a questionable background. The Pharisees think they’re righteous because they’re born of Abraham. First and foremost, however, John confesses Jesus to be eternally begotten, that is, born out of the Father (John 1).

And so, you would think that if anyone deserved death for sin, it would be the one born out of sinful flesh. But that’s not what we see on Good Friday. No, today we see the sinless Son of God Himself in the roughest conditions imaginable: hanging on a cross dripping blood more precious than silver. It should not be.

But so it must be. The one begotten of the Father was born of woman, assuming our corrupted flesh into Himself, so that we might be born again as sons of God. It is this crucified Jesus, who was not of this world, that gives us the victory over the world. So look to Him today. Look to Him and confess that this Jesus, hanging on the cross, is the Christ. For the one who believes in Him has been born of God. And the one born of God knows the love of God and keeps his commandments. For who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes on Jesus, the crucified Son of God?

Heavenly Father, You sent Your Son to be born a man and die in our place so that we might be born again of You. Grant that, as Your children, we may love and keep Your commandments, and, on the last day, have final victory over this world; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Upon the cross extended
See, world, your Lord suspended.
Your Savior yields His breath.
The Prince of Life from heaven
Himself has freely given
To shame and blows and bitter death. (LSB 453:1)

Sawyer Meyers (Sem IV, CTSFW)