An Old Tradition

Blessing firetrucks is an old tradition, begun in the horse and buggy days. A new truck is washed, blessed, and finally pushed into service (that is, pushed into the garage) by all the men at the station, though these days modern trucks need a driver at the wheel to assist. This is the tenth Fort Wayne firetruck blessed in the past three years.

Pictured here, the chaplain of the Fort Wayne Fire Department is not only a 2007 CTSFW grad, he’s also the Seminary’s vice president and chief operating officer. Rev. Jon Scicluna worked in law enforcement for 25 years before studying at the Seminary, and even now he continues his service, ministering to those who protect, serve and rescue.

We can claim additional brotherhood in the department. When Rev. Scicluna first met Fire Chief Eric Lahey, he walked into his office, saw the Bible, Luther’s Catechism, and a Concordia Commentary by Reed Lessing on his shelf, and thus recognized a fellow LCMS Lutheran.

Through these men, and others like them, Lutheranism and the CTSFW campus remain a vital and integral part of the Fort Wayne community. May God continue to grant us the opportunities, and the strength, to always serve our neighbor.