Retirement: Jayne Sheafer

In these past few weeks we’ve had to say goodbye to a dear friend and colleague at the Seminary, Jayne Sheafer, our director of Seminary Relations. Jayne has been with us since September of 2002, when her husband Rev. Mark Sheafer, a 1988 CTSFW grad, returned to the Seminary for his STM. They have been with us ever since.

Jayne first worked at the Seminary in the Childcare Center and later in the Financial Aid Office (where Rev. Sheafer currently serves as director of Financial Aid). However, with a background in communications, she soon found her calling in Seminary Relations, where she has been for the last thirteen years. Many of the Facebook posts and news releases published by CTSFW came from her desk over those years.

Thank you, Jayne. You have been — and still are — a very vital piece of the Seminary community. God’s blessings to you, dear sister in Christ!