2018 Class Gift

This past Friday, during the LCEF annual banquet for fourth-year seminarians, the class of 2018 presented their class gift to President Rast, a translated copy of “The Great Works of God Parts Five and Six: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Exodus” by Valerius Herberger. The volume was near completion by translator Matthew Carver (standing on the far right) but needed funding before it could be finished and made available for purchase.

The class heard about the project through one of the fieldwork churches in Fort Wayne, Redeemer Lutheran Church. Pastor Frese (far left) has supervised and worked with many fieldworkers since accepting a call as associate pastor at Redeemer, and along with his wife owns and operates a small publishing company, Emmanuel Press. Wanting to choose a gift that could reach beyond the Seminary, the class discovered that the volume was a Christ-centered devotional, instructive to both church workers and laity alike. Besides underwriting the project, many of the fourth years had a hand in editing the final product, particularly checking bibliographical information, footnotes, and any missing citations.

To purchase a copy (or pre-purchase; the book is not officially available until tomorrow), CLICK HERE.