2018 Academic Awards

Student Association President Amadeus Gandy introduces the awards.

Though the Seminary primarily focuses on the vocational training of pastors and deaconesses for service in the Church, CTSFW takes a moment near the end of each school year to recognize the academic accomplishments achieved by her students in the course of this preparation. Following chapel this morning, thirteen students were recognized individually, followed by the announcement of the graduate assistants and two students who will be involved in an archaeological dig in Israel. Per tradition, the Student Association sponsored the certificates and the monetary awards.

TOP (L-R): Erik Sorenson, James Pierce, Jacob Benson, Zachary Oedewaldt; MIDDLE (L-R): Jonathan Jennings, Blake Martzowka, Bill Maggard, Aaron Zimmerman; BOTTOM (L-R): Evan Scamman, Daniel Broaddus, Marshal Frisque, Dr. Gieschen

One of the most entertaining moments of the Academic Awards Convocation arose between the Scaers, during the presentation of the research and writing awards:

Dr. Peter Scaer, associate professor of Exegetical Theology: “Each year the Student Association of CTSFW honors student research and writing through four outstanding paper awards selected by each of the four theology departments. The Department of Exegetical Theology, of course, is the most important of the departments.”

Dr. David Scaer, chairman of Systematic Theology (coming up to the podium immediately after his son): “Do we have to endorse everything that was said by the last speaker?”

You can watch the Awards Convocation at the end of today’s chapel service, which is available on our Facebook page.  You can also view a slightly larger version of the list of academic awards by clicking the picture below: