Dedication Service: Library Patio

“Since the Lord has taught us in His holy Word that all things are holy when sanctified by the Word of God and prayer, it is fitting that we bless and sanctify this Rad & Joyce Finch Alumni Patio, that it may be a place where all may rest and reflect on the knowledge and wisdom of the only true and saving God.”

So said Present Rast in today’s dedication of the new library patio, a study and gathering area for the many students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other visitors who come to the Seminary. The combination tables/chairs were designed at two different heights: one just the right height for writing and the second just the right height for putting your feet up (and then studying with your iPad or laptop, as is often the case with today’s students).

After the short service, Dr. Rast thanked the Finches for their generosity in providing this “lovely, lovely place,” as he put it. The patio overlooks the water, across acres of green lawn grown up around the Seminary “village.”

Thanks be to God for the many and various ways His people serve the Church, with our thanks to the Finches. Future church workers will use this space as a place of study and rest. We’ll close with the prayer from the dedication:

“O God…You both enlighten the minds and sanctify the lives of those whom You draw to Your service. Look with favor on this Seminary, blessing those who teach and those who learn, that they may apply themselves with ready diligence to Your will and faithfully fulfill their service according to Your purpose, through Jesus Christ…Amen.”