CE: Formula of Concord

Dr. Masaki led one of the last continuing education courses of the summer nearly three weeks ago, teaching on the Formula of Concord to a little over 20 participants at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “As always, so enjoyable to teach the Book of Concord, this time the Formula,” he said of the class.

St. Paul’s has a Music Conservatory program, and more than 100 students. This young lady performed a classical guitar version of a piece by J.S. Bach during lunch break.

His class was made up of pastors, a missionary to Togo, two young women who will be joining us here at CTSFW as deaconess students in just a few short days, “saints of St. Paul’s congregation” (as Dr. Masaki put it), Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Southern Africa and Rector of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria, South Africa. Dr. Masaki also caught up with their director of music, whose wife was Dr. Masaki’s second child’s grade school teacher during the days of Zion Lutheran Academy in Fort Wayne. Truly the Gospel connects His people through time and across nations.

Pictured here is most of Dr. Masaki’s class; there’s often a bit of come-and-go during a CE course as people work the classes into their schedules.