500th Anniversary Cross

If you watch our Monday and Tuesday lectionary podcasts, then you will recognize this bookshelf backdrop, though perhaps not the woman standing in front of it. A prospective student planning to begin the distance education program for the Master of Arts in Deaconess Studies, Patti Miller asked if she could see the recording studio during her campus tour. We were happy to oblige, especially when we found out why — she’s the artist who created the cross in the upper right-hand corner. A friend pointed it out to her.

Patti’s art career began fifteen years ago when she became church secretary and started designing the church bulletin covers. Now she creates these wooden crosses, cut by hand and painted and themed around a special (usually church) occasion.

This particular cross on display was created for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which is why it features Luther’s Rose and the means of grace (the dove for the Holy Spirit on top with the waters of Baptism on the arms, the Lord’s Supper on the bottom, above which is a ribbon for the Word). If you look very closely at the painting, you will notice that red can be seen underneath the entire design.

“I always begin with a base of red,” Patti explained. “Partly because it creates a rich color and interesting texture, but really–” here she smiled, pointing to the cross “–because it’s all on the blood of Jesus.”

You can check out more of Patti Miller’s work at www.facebook.com/jubileeartbypattimiller.