Notes of Encouragement

On Tuesday, the Seminary community wrote notes of encouragement to our servicemen and women (some of them the siblings of seminarians and others the children of a staff member here), as well as to the LCMS chaplains serving these men and women. This is an ongoing work of the Military Project, established by CTSFW and overseen by Deaconess Carolyn Brinkley. You can learn more about the program at

The last time the community wrote cards, one of the recipients was LCMS Chaplain Gregory Todd, as congratulations for his recent promotion to the rank of rear admiral. He now serves as deputy chief of Navy chaplains and chaplain of the US Marine Corps. From the Reporter article, “LCMS Caplain Gregory Todd promoted to rear admiral in Washington, D.C. ” (

“Our military chaplains are really an extension of the outreach of the local parish,” Todd explains. “We are here to care for our LCMS young people who join the military, as well as proclaim the Gospel to all people hungry to hear of Christ’s forgiveness. We get to be present with military members in good times and bad, representing a divine presence and the support of folks back home.”

Thank you to Deaconess Brinkley and to the CTSFW community for playing a part in that encouragement and support from back home.