Oberursel Visitors

L-R: Dr. Zieroth, Dr. Neddens, Dr. Barnbrock, Prof. Pless

Last week we had two professors from our sister seminary in Oberursel visiting our campus. From left to right: our own Dr. Gary Zieroth, visitor Dr. Christian Neddens, visitor Dr. Christoph Barnbrock, and our own Professor Pless. Dr. Neddens guest-taught Theological Ethics while Dr. Barnbrock guest-taught Catechetics. Dr. Barnbrock also preached in chapel on April 1.

Lutherische Theologische Hochschule (LthH) in Oberursel, Germany, is an LCMS partner seminary. We’ve had quite a number of seminarians study abroad in Oberursel, and our CTSFW faculty include LThH graduates as well–Dr. Detlev Schulz (you saw him in a post earlier this afternoon) received his MDiv from this seminary, as did Dr. Roland Ziegler.

After the visit, Professor Pless had this message to share with the CTSFW community:

“Our colleagues from Oberursel, Dr. Christian Neddens and Dr. Christoph Barnbrock, asked me to convey to you their appreciation and gratitude for your hospitality and conversation during their visit to CTSFW earlier this week. Their impressions of our seminary were very positive and they are eager to find ways to enhance the relationship between our two seminaries.”