Theological Resources: Fall Quarter Break (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany)

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Gradual for Advent

Verse Setting for Advent 1

Verse Setting for Advent 2

Two-Part Voice Setting for LSB 413:3 (O Wondrous Type! O Vision Fair)

Two-Part Voice Setting for LSB 571:3, 5 (God Loved the World So That He Gave)
Podcast: Singing the Psalms for Advent

Podcast: Antiphonal Singing for Epiphany

Lectionary Podcasts

Advent 1-Series A (Matthew 21; Dr. Peter Scaer)

Advent 1-Series A (Isaiah 2; Rev. Chris Maronde)

Advent 2-Series A (Matthew 3; Dr. Art Just)

Advent 2-Series A (Isaiah 11; Rev. Roger Mullet)

Advent 3-Series A (Matthew 11; Dr. Peter Scaer)

Advent 4-Series A (Matthew 1; Dr. Art Just)

Christmas Eve-Series A&C (Matthew 1; Dr. David Scaer)

Christmas Eve-Series A (Isaiah 7; Dr. Jeff Pulse)

Christmas Day-Series A&C (Luke 2; Dr. David Scaer)

Circumcision and Name of Jesus-Series A (Numbers 6, Luke 2, Galatians 3; Dr. Art Just)


Epiphany of Our Lord-Series A (Matthew 2; Dr. David Scaer)

Epiphany 2-Series A (John 1; Dr. Charles Gieschen)

Epiphany 3-Series A (Luke 4; Dr. Art Just)

Epiphany 4-Series A (Matthew 5; Dr. Ryan Tietz)

Epiphany 5-Series A (Matthew 5; Dr. David Scaer)

Epiphany 7-Series A (Matthew 5; Dr. David Scaer)

Epiphany 7-Series A (Leviticus 19; Rev. Chris Maronde)

Epiphany 8-Series A (Isaiah 49; Rev. Roger Mullet)

Reading Resources

Advent Devotions will be uploaded daily to at 6 a.m. (Eastern Time) during the Advent Season. 

Past Devotions for Advent, January Life Focus, and Lent

Life Issue Presentations, Devotions, and News

Articles Highlighting Support of CTSFW Students

Book Reviews

Current and Past Issues of Concordia Theological Quarterly

Over 10,000 sermons, articles, teaching videos, and other resources are available at You can search by specific subjects, Scripture passages, or author (faculty, ordained ministers, Lutheran forefathers, etc.).

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