Advent Devotion for December 16

O Emmanuel

O Emmanuel, our king and our Lord, the anointed for the nations and their Savior:
Come and save us, O Lord our God.

Reading: Philippians 4:4–9

The only way we can rejoice is because Christ has come to dwell with man. Sure, there are worldly delights, but even these mean nothing without Christ. The Lord is at hand; we have nothing to be anxious about. The cares of this world seem overwhelming at times, and yet we always have Christ to flee to. So we rejoice. In times of anxiety, fear, or suffering, we cling to Christ. We give our prayers to God for the sake of the death and resurrection of Christ, and then give thanksgiving that Christ has died for us! He is our dwelling place and our peace. He guards our hearts and minds in His beloved, pierced hands.

Prayer: Almighty Father, we give You thanks for the life, death, and resurrection of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and we pray that we always remember He is our joy and dwelling place; in Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Hymn LSB 708:1

Lord, Thee I love with all my heart;
I pray Thee, ne’er from me depart,
With tender mercy cheer me.
Earth has no pleasure I would share.
Yea, heav’n itself were void and bare
If Thou, Lord, wert not near me.
And should my heart for sorrow break,
My trust in Thee can nothing shake.
Thou art the portion I have sought;
Thy precious blood my soul has bought.
Lord Jesus Christ,
my God and Lord,
my God and Lord,
Forsake me not! I trust Thy Word.

(Mark Kranz, Sem IV)