Worship Resources: Easter

With the Easter season fast approaching and many churches suspending activities and rehearsals due to the challenges of the coronavirus, CTSFW Associate Kantor Matthew Machemer has created some free musical resources for the Easter season. He created them with a very specific goal in mind: that they can be done well with only a few musicians and are quickly learned. They are:

1. At the Lamb’s High Feast – stanzas 2 and 6 (two equal voices)

2. O Sons and Daughters of the King – stanzas 3 and 7 (two-part voices)

3. O Sons and Daughters of the King – stanza 5 (two-part voices and organ)

4. Gradual for Easter (unison voice or choir and keyboard)

You can find pdf copies for easy download and printing at www.ctsfw.edu/Worship. Look for the Easter Gradual under the “Graduals” tab and the three hymn settings under the “Hymn Settings” tab. As always, you will find at the bottom of each document that permission is granted to use, reprint, and distribute these resources.