COVID Update: The Food Co-op

The Food Co-op also continues to serve the students who remain in the Fort Wayne area, from the handful of students who remain on campus to the many married students families who live off-campus with their families in town. From Deaconess Katherine Rittner, Director of the Food & Clothing Co-op:

“Bari, Amanda and I packed 73 boxes with canned and dry goods, 73 bags with donated pork, 73 bags with fresh produce (528 lbs worth). We also provided 10 lb rolls of ground beef, 80 gallons of milk, and laundry detergent as well as diapers and wipes to our families with infants.

“In addition, we also put together boxes for our few dorm students remaining on campus also with fresh milk and fruit, meals and snacks that they can keep in their rooms as well as personal hygiene items as requested.

“With what is already a unique living situation for our families while preparing for full-time service in Christ’s harvest field, during these times of uncertainty it is even more important that the Food Co-op continue to care for our students and their family’s grocery needs during this time. Today [yesterday, March 31] was no different. It was great to see them all while maintaining distances and do just a quick check in to make sure all of them were doing ok. As I see it, this is a BIG part of the mission statement of CTSFW to care for all, and one that we take very seriously.”

Deaconess Rittner and two additional Co-op staff members (Bari Robinson and Amanda Domres) set up this drive-by station on Tuesday of this week, so that the students could drive in to receive these gifts. The ladies then loaded the boxes and bags into their cars, thus serving our students while also taking care to keep their distance.

Thanks be to God who provides for His future workers through you, of whom we are so proud to boast! Today we especially thank those who give to the Food & Clothing Co-op (which will continue to serve our students throughout these strange months) and to the staff who take every care to channel your generosity and encouragement to the students and their families.