This year’s vicars-elect, starting with the top row and listing everyone left to right:

1st Row: Emmett and Jaimie Bartens; John and Katherine Baseley; Adam and Meg Baumann; Timothy and April Benzinger; Joshua and Ashley Brandmahl

2nd Row: Dane Breitung; Matthew and Moriah Christian; Brennick and Bethany Christiansen; Raymond Cox; Mark De Young

3rd Row: John Dolde and fiancee Emma Wendorff; Joshua and Michaela Dub; Matthew Goehring; Daniel and Michelle Gray; Brendan Harris

4th Row: Silas and Moira Hasselbrook; Nathaniel and Hannah Konkel; Chase Lefort; Anthony Mandile IV; Benjamin McCrimmon

5th Row: Austin and Elizabeth Meier; Kyle and Nicola Mullins; Kyle and Stephanie Nelson; Charles Nemec and fiancee Christianna Eckstein; Jordan Peiser

6th Row: Aaron and Katherine Schultz; Vincent Shemwell (pictured with his grandmother); Eric and Rebecca Souer; Timothy Steele II with his wife Amy; Ethan Stoppenhagen

7th Row: Stuart and Cathleen Sultze; Christopher and Dana Walters; Aaron and Leah Wendorff; Nathan and Amy Widener; Jason and Michelle Zoske