Call Candidates

Here are the Call candidates for this year, starting with the top row, going left to right:

1st row: Jakob and Rachel Andrzejewski; Christopher and Karin Antonetti; Tyler Arends; Albert and Gretyl Bader; Patrick and Whitney Baldwin

2nd row: Norlyn and Elaine Bartens; Daniel and Teresa Broaddus; Lyle (wife Christine isn’t pictured) Buettner; Jon and Shannon Carpenter; Jared and Anna Cooksey

3rd row: Simeon and Emily Cornwell; Jonah and Renee Domenichelli; Keith and Farrah Emshoff; Robert Etheridge; Daniel Fickenscher and Taylor Brown-Fickenscher

4th row: Scott and Zara Hedtke; Jeffrey and Haley Kazmierski; David and Mikayla Keating; Andrew and Maggie Keller; Mark and Bethany Kranz

5th row: Kurt Laskowsy; Timothy and Mary Magill; Gino Marchetti II; Mark and Debra Matheny

6th row: Joseph McCalley; Sawyer and Rebecca Meyers; Zachary and Amber Oedewaldt; Jonathan and Marie Olson; Joshua and Megan Reber; Brock Schmeling

7th row: Daniel and Christine Schuetz; Timothy and Kaitlin Sheridan; Grant and Kimberly Sorenson; Titus and Rianne Utecht; Thomas and Elizabeth Van Hemert

8th row: Jay Weideman; Nathan Wille; Isaac and Bethany Wirtz; Brett Witmer; Justin and Victoria Woodside