CTSFW Baseball Team

Last Saturday, the CTSFW baseball team (organized just this year by first-year seminarian Aaron Schultz) played six innings against Concordia High. In Aaron’s words (speaking of his fellow seminarians and teammates): “With Joe Muench and John Baseley hitting the ball 300+ feet, Mark Peters’ golden glove at the hot corner, Titus Utecht’s hard-breaking curveball, and the prowess of Dr. Grobien in the outfield, our sem team is formidable.”

We held our own for the first couple of innings, tying for the first three innings until Concordia pulled away and ended up winning 6-3. The wives cheered their husbands on and the kids found a dirt pile, which took their attention for awhile; it was altogether an excellent time.

On the left, Seminarian Dan Golden swings; on the right, Seminarian Keith Kettner slides into second as Concordia High goes for the catch; photos courtesy Kati Q. Gaschler.
Photos courtesy Kati Q. Gaschler. You can just see Aaron Schultz (organizer of the team) standing in the back left in the picture on the left, catcher gear on his legs. The team was celebrating their first run.
The infamous dirt pile, with the game going on in the background.
If you’ve ever wondered what CTSFW community events look like, here’s a great example. Family is integral to the community.