Livestream Suggestions & Copyright Guidance

John Elmer, Media Content and Services Manager here at CTSFW, is the staff member in charge of streaming services. You’ve seen his hands at work (often daily, here on Facebook), though you may not have had a name to attach to his service. He has put together a Service Streaming Guide, which gathers a number of suggestions for churches who are interested in making their services available to their congregations online, either through audio or video. You can read the four-page document (and download/print a copy) here: 

Service Streaming Guide for Audio/Video

We received a few questions following John Elmer’s guide for streaming services, mostly regarding copyright. While he is not a lawyer or legal expert and any legal questions will need to go through an expert, he has written up some guidelines to follow with suggestions to give you an idea of how to move forward. You can read and download the followup guide, which focuses on copyright, here:

Service Streaming Guide: Copyright